The One Perfect Day Plan


t a time in my life when I felt frustrated about the slow progress I was making in adopting a set of good habits, a thought came to me: what if I could force myself for a single day to behave exactly as I should in every facet of my life? If I could do everything perfectly for just one day, then I’d experience my life as it ought to be. From there, the task would merely be to add more days.

And so began a series of experiments.

Firstly, I discovered it’s relatively easy to implement a perfect plan for a single day. This was incredibly encouraging.

Secondly, I discovered that implementing the One Perfect Day Plan for multiple days in a row was extremely difficult. This was discouraging. Life has a way of disrupting our plans, and when I was forced to deviate from the schedule I’d beat myself up.

But the experiments resulted in significant successes overall, and so the OPDP has been a tool I’ve used frequently ever since.

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 Posted by on February 20, 2012
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