f one wishes to be fit, flexible, strong, healthy, and disease resistant, and to have energy and feel good physically and mentally, and to carry all these attributes into old age, then exercise is of key importance.

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In our society great emphasis is currently placed on exercise, and rightly so. The studies of the day indicate that exercise reduces stress, increases energy, promotes a sense of well-being, decreases chances of catching diseases, and increases one’s life span. A regimen that includes stretching, aerobic exercise, and strength building exercise has other obvious benefits: it increases flexibility, improves circulation, increases physical (and possibly mental) strength and endurance, and strengthens the heart.

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There are exercises that raise our awareness of proper alignment. Attention to posture throughout the day, both while standing and sitting, improves circulation, keeps the body centered & balanced (which helps to prevent pressure from falling on joints the wrong way), probably improves digestion, and possibly promotes better organ health.

Breathing exercises also reduce stress. Vocal exercises warm the voice up (and having a centered speaking voice improves interpersonal communication), plus have many of the benefits of breathing exercises.

In all types of exercise, care must be taken to prevent injury. The goal is a gradual build. Be gentle on your body. Pace yourself. Do not exercise through injury. Know when to rest.

These exercises ought to be done frequently. Many of them should be done daily.

  • Stretching
  • Aerobic exercise that causes sweat
  • Muscle/strength building
  • Breathing
  • Alignment/posture
  • Vocal exercise
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